Forget fixing. Forget problem solving. Forget "changing the script".
Instead I want you to engage truth and the power of letting someone else really know who you are,
what you've experienced, what you're struggling, and where you want to go.

In everyone I meet, I see a shared core need— to be seen, heard, and validated for who they truly are.

This is the power of sacred witnessing, the root of all healing and
the primary guiding principle for my healing practice.

My days as a Hospice counselor showed me dying from a broken heart, is a real thing. Also, that being a human being is incredibly difficult and mostly we all want to skip discomfort and talk about or focus on what's good.

There's no "easy button" available for bypassing life's struggles and setbacks. I mean I suppose there is but it doesn't get you where you want to be— in a place of sweet relief and resolution.

While I may not know your personal story yet, I believe your suffering is real and is meant to be soothed and engaged— not plowed over with unhelpful spiritual advice. 

Please don't suffer alone, in silence.

Unfortunately, our culture in constructed in a way that it diminishes the value of who you are, imposing the expectation to be happier (thinner, smarter, more together-er). This results in pressure– to feel different than you do, to constantly improve yourself or worse in my book— hurry-up-and-heal. This only compounds suffering and spiritual distress. 

There is no magical power that allows you to completely construct a pain free life. What's really of benefit to you (instead of buying into a fantasy world) is to cultivate an inner strength and spiritual knowing that no amount of darkness can fracture.

This is my speciality. I can help you...

  • pinpoint the source of distress
  • interrupt the energy of suffering to put you on track to peace, understanding, and acceptance
  • identify hidden resources and spiritual strengths available to you without hard work on your part
  • connect the dots to your primary sources of support and strength
  • teach you how to gracefully move forward

Hiya, I'm Sarah H Nicotra, a multi-disciplinary consultant, two-time master-degreed professional (Spiritual Psychology and Organization Management), certified grief counselor, trained intuitive, and certified medical reiki master with substantial recovery experience (15+ years sober) who helps kind, sensitive, spiritual-not-religious people create deeply harmonious lives. 

I believe happiness is great but harmony is better. 

Soul Companion sessions are the doorway for you to receive personalized spiritual support and guidance because no one, I mean no one can do this thing we call life, alone.


"Sarah connects at the right moment, with the right words and intention in a moment of need.
I really don't know anybody else who does that consistently and genuinely." -David L. 

What is soul Companioning?

The companioning model, as developed by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, is a unique, therapeutic construct that places me (the credentialed, skilled professional) in a unique position to you— one of a sacred witness, curious companion, and thoughtful, nonjudgemental, compassionate listener, and heart-centered guide. 

The Companioning Model is a distinctly different therapeutic relationship where you retain complete autonomy and power. In essence you are respected as the ultimate source of knowing and wisdom.

Chaos, spiritual pain, and distress is honored for what it is and not necessarily fixed, although it generally naturally dissolves within a compassionate, empathetic container. 

Much like a paramedic I run towards a crises, not away from it— my assistance is intentionally designed to be temporary with the ultimate goal building up your independence and inner strength.

You've got this.
Let me show you the way...

This is me. I wear a badge of honor. My tattoo sleeve reads "I am iron I forge myself". It was earned. Need I say more?

This is me. I wear a badge of honor. My tattoo sleeve reads "I am iron I forge myself". It was earned. Need I say more?

soul companioning sessions are particularly helpful for...

  • yielding insight and clarity in times of confusion and feeling stuck
  • creating relief and a path forward through grief
  • reconfiguring your mindset and thinking to meet the demands of your life
  • finding hope and healing (even in times when that feels out of reach)
  • discovering hidden strengths and resources already available to you
  • getting grounded, super clear, and reconnecting to your own source of inner strength
  • tap into the magic and support of the Universe


  • you're willing to share your pain and grief with another human being
  • you accept responsibility for your wellbeing (mind, body, and spirit)
  • you're willing to step outside your comfort zone and are open to new experiences

>>>> I can absolutely promise you that as a result of our partnership, you will be stronger, and more in-tuned to your truth, the Universe, and who you are— capable of confidently moving forward, no longer limited by your pain but moving in stride with it.


real life TestimonialS

Sarah has been a miracle in my life. If you're feeling lost, like your world is unraveling around you, I hope you're lucky enough to see her at the end of your path too.


"When I was at the end of my road and I had nowhere left to go, Sarah was waiting for me with compassion, hope and healing.

She has become one of the most instrumental people in my life, offering a chance to become the woman I always believed I could be.

The very first time I spoke with Sarah I felt completely safe and formed a spiritual connection unlike any I had ever experienced before. 

Sarah has a unique and special gift; offering guidance with generosity, kindness and refreshing honesty.

She has been a miracle in my life. If you're feeling lost and like your world is unraveling around you, I hope you're lucky enough to see Sarah at the end of your path too.

If you do, get ready to start a journey beyond your wildest imagination. She will show you how to unlock the potential that is already buried inside and teach you how to nurture your spirit until you feel incredible joy and freedom. Bring your biggest dreams to Sarah and she will show you that there truly are no limits to the sky." - Cory.S.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow. 

"With the help of Sarah, I went from being a broken shell of myself to a completely different person in just two short months. Sarah guided me back to a place I'd long since forgotten, and honestly had no hopes of ever returning to. I am confident, empowered, and no longer afraid of the unavoidable circumstances that life likes to throw our way.

Without her, I would still be clouded from the warmth and love of myself and the universe.   

I honestly feel as though I have reconnected with my authentic self, someone who I desperately missed. I have more love and compassion for myself than I can ever remember having, and that love and compassion consequently outward onto everyone else. I am not afraid anymore. I finally feel okay, as if I can handle anything that comes my way.  

I've worked with therapists and psychiatrists before but they never told me that I AM OKAY, that I AM WORTHY OF MY OWN LOVE AND AFFECTION, that it is okay to cry and to feel what it is I am feeling at any given moment, and that is what has really changed my life.

I am taking such better care of myself and it's crazy the love and support that has flooded in from other people I never even knew were there. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow. It keeps getting better and better." -Amy C.

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healing modalities available for use during your session INCLUDE:

  • Sacred Witnessing / Grief Counseling Practices
  • Medical Reiki
  • Shamanic Intervention / Intuitive Guidance
  • Earth-Centered Practices / Guided Meditations
  • Divination Tools / Tarot
  • Self Inquiry, Creative Expression and Movement

Please note our first session will be structured slightly different than subsequent ones— this allows for a thorough assessment of your spiritual needs and identification of goals and outcomes which will guide our work together.

more testimonials

"Sarah has left me feeling blessed to have worked with her, and richer in life for the awareness's she gave me. She is so tuned in and connected!  Before working with Sarah I was really living my days full of stress and anxiety, feeling completely overwhelmed. With Sarah's guidance I've have become more grounded, aware and connected, with myself, my kids, my Higher Power, and the world around me. She helped me, easily, sort through feelings, validate them, and then helped me safely process them. " -Jenny D.

"Sarah brings a presence to our work that is genuine. Her intuitive and shamanic abilities helped me navigate difficult transitions and changes in my life in a supportive and powerful way.
I trust her to bring honesty and integrity every time." -Shantele

"When I need clear, unfettered seeing on a thorny issue, Sarah is my gal. She doesn’t bring her own agenda to the table and each and every time she nails it. She consistently, delivers powerful insights that allows me to take clear, direct action. Full body chills and nature spirits confirm her intuition around my challenge. Sarah is always right on target." -Laura Gates

"Sarah offered a dynamic experience that took me on an incredibly proactive, amazing journey.The quality of work Sarah provides, and those she works with, is exceptional." -Beatrice P.


I am not a licensed therapist and do not practice clinical counseling. You can view my credentials here.
Also, you as a client will be required to read and sign this required release prior to any session.