Tarot: a powerful tool for healing & growth

Intuitive readings are deeply insightful— mirroring truth, important messages and choices.

Since 2011 I've been serving up clarity, confidence, and compassion to the confused.

online professional intuitive reading

As a professional intuitive and experienced spiritual guide I help clients see clearly to confidently naviaget their own lvies.

Far from a fortune teller, I equally enlist intuition and intellect while respecting and encouraging your ability to shape your life from the inside-out.

This reading exceeded my expectations and I’m in tears. You’ve read my soul. I’m sure I’ll be reading this many times again as I take your advice to heart and start to move my thoughts, emotions, and life in a new direction.  Thank you again.
— Christina  M.
Sarah is a God send. She swept in with grace and powerful insight, instantly opening new doors for me.
— Lora V.
In pondering a business decision, wondering if an opportunity was right for me, I asked Sarah for some intuitive guidance. Using her tarot process, she was able to tap into the higher guidance I needed. After the reading, I felt a huge wave of peace wash over me and knew instantly, the message I needed was delivered.
— MM
Working with Sarah was a beautiful experience. I felt safe, held and seen with her.
— Meg P.

Those who arrive at my virtual doorstep come from all walks of life. If you seek clarity, you're in the right place— as I have deeply supported countless spiritual seekers on the hunt for insight and information, caution and counsel, inspiration and encouragement.