A Memo From Spirit

I value spiritual strength above all else. WHY? Because when shh*t hits the fan, which we know it will, it will be your soul that sees you through.

Spiritual strength is cultivated through understanding (knowledge) and being in relationship with Spirit (Life).

So, how does one create spiritual strength? Well, I believe it is done by first asking the RIGHT question. It's a matter of mindset and perspective.

Below is the one essential question that has the potential to forever change how you engage your life. You can use this approach to shift your mindset, uncover gold, and create true spiritual strength, even in times of spiritual distress. 

Better yet, it's delivered in a lovingly yet succinctly crafted memo from Spirit.



I know your heart desires freedom, spaciousness, true presence and joy; sweet sweet joy. You respond to truth. The absence of truth naturally repels you like oil n' water. I understand why viral quotables swirling around the web draw you in and yet their effects are fleeting and rather benign. 

I’ve heard countless spiritual leaders spout messages from the pulpit promoting happiness as the ultimate embodied human experience and yet all I can hear are the echos of emptiness.

What if there was something more fulfilling, more gratifying than happiness awaiting you?

What if, in fact, truth is the substance and meaning you seek. For isn’t it true that in death or pain and suffering you seek to uncover a purpose, a reason, some kind of meaning in efforts to soothe your grief like a honey glazed balm to a burn?

There is a way you can unearth truth, cultivate a sacred embodied knowing and naturally solidify a level of spiritual strength in you capable of weathering all storms. 

Deceptively simple this powerful straightforward question instantly shifts your mindset and sets YOU to purpose in uncovering the gold awaiting discovery in your personal experience. You and I both know life on life’s terms can be spiritual demanding.

What if you began to ask yourself…

HOW CAN I ALLOW (insert your truth + challenging circumstances)* TO SERVE ME, my soul AND MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY?

This question is a tool for leveraging truth. By using the power of inquiry to your advantage you discover your own inner wisdom and can create a resilience and unmatched spiritual strength. No middleman or woman required to mine the gold in of your experience.

The semantics of the question is everything.

Resist the urge to shorten the question, be sure to reflect on:

HOW CAN I ALLOW (insert your truth + challenging circumstances)* TO SERVE ME, my soul AND MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY?

Asking in this manner shifts your mindset and restores your personal power. When you allow knowledge to be awakened you can then move onto other important spiritual tasks like integration of lessons learned and making brave decisions.

If you begin to use this question in practice on a regular basis you will awaken a power within you that will have a profound impact on every area of your life.

Everything including loss and misfortune can be thoughtfully reframed into opportunities and sources of healing and connection without sacrificing truth and engaging in spiritual bypassing.

Forgo the Band-Aid approach to spiritual wellness. Opt for deeper and truer.  Stick with the questions.



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