Laying The Foundation For Your Online Presence

As I shift my focus towards doing more healing work and less business consulting (beyond web design projects) I've decided to give my best resources away! If you are looking to either shape your online presence from ground zero or simply refine your passion fueled micro business then be sure to review this series of blog posts and download and complete both the Self Assessment / Brand Discovery Action Item and  to create solid ground under your feet.

  1. The 4 Laws of Brand Building (for independent creatives)
  2. Your Brand Framework 
  3. Online Brand Building Rules of Engagement
  4. The Value of Knowing Yourself

Once you've reviewed each of these lessons you'll want to put your knowledge in action.

First download this interactive PDF to review and complete my favorite insightful brand building tools and inventories.

Then download this guided PDF to draw authentic, powerful conclusions you'll build into your online presence.

Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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