Envision for a moment... the days when your hairs have silvered, bones weakened and each inch of your flesh bares the marks of all your years lived... what will your life reflection reveal to you?

Hi. I'm Sarah, a Spiritual Counselor who moonlights online as a writer & personal guide (available for 1 on 1 sessions) dedicated to helping you consciously shape and sculpt the life you're creating, today. 

You'll find that I weave mystery, magic, and light for the human spirit by sharing stories and revelations in a refreshingly grounded way. 

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Sarah H Nicotra MTP, MAOM, GC-C

Sarah H Nicotra MTP, MAOM, GC-C

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"I never fail to be inspired and renewed by your authenticity. 
It's rare and oozes like yummy honey from everything you say. A gift."  
-Sara D.