Complimentary Guide: 20 Almost Daily Self-Care Rituals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Tools and practices to help strengthen and validate your sensitive nature, not change it.

Instantly yours...

I see you— really, I do. I value your autonomy and the deeper, complex spiritual underpinnings of who you are. I respect your rebellious spirit and second your rejection of the status quo, including religion and the overarching patriarchal tone found in our culture and society.

I know what you seek sustainable peace of mind, relief from the pain of living as an empath and highly sensitive person (HSP), and a deep fulfillment and connection to purpose, meaning, and magic. I believe it can be yours.


Hiya, I'm Sarah H Nicotra, a professional intuitive, educator, and healer of healers.

Sarah H Nicotra MTP, MAOM, GC-C Cert. Grief Counselor, Cert. Medical Reiki Master ™ Founder of Luna Hawk & Co  Academy of Intuition Arts

Sarah H Nicotra MTP, MAOM, GC-C
Cert. Grief Counselor, Cert. Medical Reiki Master ™
Founder of Luna Hawk & Co  Academy of Intuition Arts

My practice focuses on helping sensitive folks heal spiritual wounding, be in their bodies, grow and strengthen their intuition, and become powerful creators. 

I uniquely draw upon earth-centered practices, divination, energy medicine, and the power of creative expression, movement, and self-inquiry to help you make peace with sensitivity, intuition, and power.

The role I play for others is much like a pastor but obviously I don't fit the mold. I've been called "a wizard", "a true renaissance woman who bridges many worlds into one" and "the best solution seeker on the planet". 

While I can't wave a magic wand and make everything predictably perfect (you and I know life doesn't work like that!) I can do something better.


I can help you shapeshift...

  • fear >>> courage
  • conflict >>> resolution + harmony
  • trauma >>> valuable teachings
  • stuck >>> inspired action
  • confusion >>> clarity
  • struggles >>> strength + insight
  • suffering + distress >>> relief
  • a life of suck >>> a life of YES!
  • grief >>> connection + love
  • questioning >>> revelation
  • soul wounds >>> source of power
  • sensitivity >>> strength

Let's make magic together:


Creative Expression / Intuition Development
 On-Demand Workshop

Dive into this fun yet therapeutic personal exploration tool and learn how to unlock hidden messages in you. Unleash your soul's unique creative expression and strengthen your intuition, on your own time.


sacred cauldron for
expansive heart-centered living.

Weekly Lessons / 1 on 1 Support / Real Life Magic

The Circle of Light is a supportive space specifically designed for smart, sensitive, soul-powered women who want to exponentially amplify their intuition, wholly inhabit their bodies, and integrate healing and growth while becoming more masterful in the art of shaping reality.


unscripted, real life stories

Video Inspiration Series

We don't need more experts. We need truth, transparency and sh*t ton of compassion and kindness for ourselves, and each other. Follow along in this vlog to discover ways to find more joy and magic in your own life.